I had the pleasure of being on the Brand Builders podcast this week by The Dunstan Group.  The podcast, featuring myself and one of my family law partners Libby James, should be available soon on iTunes!  Click on the link below to sign up for their podcasts and you will be the first to know […]

CAI-NC Community Law Day

The eighth annual CAI-NC Community Law Day will be held later this month in Charlotte. It is a wonderful educational event for board members to learn more about community association law. The focus of my session will be how to handle community association records as well as the do’s and don’ts of association voting. I […]

Legislative Changes in North Carolina

The North Carolina legislature recently passed some new laws that will impact homeowners associations (HOAs). Below is a short summary of three of the laws that will become effective this year. Voluntary mediation House Bill 278 became effective July 1. This bill provides for voluntary mediation of disputes between an owner and the HOA in […]

Does South Carolina have similar laws as North Carolina when it comes to HOAs?

In North Carolina, the Planned Community Act applies to single-family and townhome communities and the Condominium Act applies to condominiums. The Nonprofit Corporations Act applies to the corporations that are established to run the associations. South Carolina does have some laws that apply to homeowners associations, but it depends on the type of association. The […]